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Alpyn Huckleberry Peel

Gentle Exfoliation Does Exist: The Groundbreaking Ingredients in Our New Peel

Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel

Welcome back to #InsideAlpyn, where we break down what’s powering the products that are already being deemed cult classics. It’s only been two months since we launched our Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel and its marshmallowy texture has already changed double exfoliation’s harsh associations. 

On top of winning a Shape Beauty Award straight out of the gate in October, editors across the board are singing its praises for even the most sensitive of skin. Take PopSugar's Morgan Ashley Parker for instance, who dedicated an entire love letter to what she describes as “a peel, a mask, and a scrub, all in one.” “My Skin Is Highly Reactive, But It’s Got Nothing But Love for Alpyn Beauty’s New Peel.”

Parker shares: “I love that the brand sources its active ingredients right from Jackson Hole, WY, and, since those ingredients thrive in harsh climates, I expect they'd also help my skin thrive once temperatures drop in my hometown. But what I didn't expect was that I'd love this peel so much that I would actually use it every single day with not even one hint of redness or irritation after I rinse it off.” 

Powered by our antioxidant “Powerberry” goldmine, aka the Vitamin C-packed Wild Huckleberry we pick fresh in the mountains of Jackson Hole, this polyphenol-rich fruit protects and strengthens skin so that a dose of double exfoliation feels like a 5-minute treat, not a chore. 

Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel

Today we’ll explain why our first-of-its-kind blend of 8-Acid Complex and Gentle Micro-Exfoliants are able to whip together into a pillowy dream for hyper-smooth skin. “The texture of this peel is like a fluffy, lightweight mousse,” says Parker. “Not only does it feel so soft and smooth going on, but it leaves my face feeling next-level soft and smooth as well.” Below, our two-minute breakdown of our newest editor-favorite formula:

Huckleberry Peel Ingredients


Our proprietary AHA/BHA blend is boosted by a first-of-its-kind combination of Citric, Malic, Tartaric, Glycolic, Azelaic, Ferulic & Lactic Acids plus White Willow Bark to provide gentle and effective exfoliation. Even with eight acids in play, gentle is still the name of the game. “They're all naturally derived, and I can vouch that they were very gentle on my skin as a peel,” Parker notes. 

By removing dirt, bacteria, and dull cells that build up on the surface, pores are purified and the health and appearance of skin is transformed. In an independent consumer-testing panel after just one 5-minute use of our Wild Huckleberry Peel, 100% agreed their skin felt smoother, 95% agreed their skin looked brighter and had a more youthful glow, and 91% agreed their skin was transformed.


There’s a huge difference between our micro-fine polish and a traditional scrub. Thanks to our eco-friendly Bamboo Powder & Berry Seed Paste, this delicate microdermabrasion treatment buffs away dull skin using sustainably sourced physical exfoliants. 

The feeling is airy, not sharp. “When I use this product, it's not even possible to feel the exfoliating Bamboo Powder, so I know those particles must be very fine,” says Parker of the silky texture that massages away the top layer of complexion-dulling dead cells without disrupting skin’s natural barrier. “As someone who rarely applies a traditional mask on a weeknight, five minutes is such a small price to pay for the results I've seen,” she shares. “Not only do I use it in my daily routine, but I actually rub the excess product on my hands as I'm rinsing it off my face.” What’s the last peel you heard praised for daily use? And even more impressive when it comes from a pro who has tested the industry’s finest on their highly reactive complexion. Parker says it best: “I'd definitely recommend it for anyone else out there who has sensitive skin.”

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