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The Secret to Glow Serum’s Award-Winning Recipe

Welcome back to #InsideAlpyn, where we break down what’s powering the products that, as a young brand, are already being deemed cult classics. And beyond customer buzz, our Bearberry & Vitamin C Glow Serum received an industry gold medal.

Survival Serum

Officially the winner of Allure’s 2020 Best of Clean Beauty Award, the magazine’s editors even voice their support for its natural actives: “Plucked from the mountains of Wyoming, the plant-based ingredients in Alpyn Beauty Bearberry & Vitamin C Glow Serum are botanical cowboys: hardworking, resilient, and adaptable to environmental extremes.”

The review process was intensive, according to Allure’s team, who “painstakingly tested each and every one of these clean options, measuring success by how well they stacked up against other clean products, and also within the category as a whole.” 

Survival Serum

Today, we’ll explain why our “sunset in a bottle” recipe is so successful. On top of the instant gratification of illuminating flecks of holographic mica that create what’s been described as a “your real-life Instagram filter,” nontoxic healing acids and natural brighteners infused within Glow Serum deliver an extended glow. Below, our two-minute breakdown of its champion formula:

Survival Serum

NATURAL BRIGHTENERS: Licorice Root Extract & Vitamin C

Licorice Root Extract has long been touted as a pure, chemical-free alternative to the controversial lightening ingredient hydroquinone. Why? When applied topically, it helps to inhibit the creation of melanin, or dark spots, without any toxic side-effects. Plus, while it’s preventing future pigmentation, it also activates a compound called “liquiritin,” which has the potential to remove existing pigmentation. In Glow Serum, Licorice Root Extract is enhanced by Vitamin C (quite possibly the most celebrated clean brightening ingredient of all time by dermatologists). Collectively, they combine their wealth of antioxidants with this unique shared ability to prevent (as well as treat) dark spots. 

BLEMISH-BANISHING ACIDS: Azelaic Acid & Linoleic Acid

Azelaic Acid has been steadily gaining traction in the clean skincare community thanks to its gentle exfoliating skills that clear pores and reduce irritating bacteria. Since it’s found naturally on your skin (and easily created in a lab with organic ingredients), even the most sensitive complexions can benefit from its inflammation-reducing, calming qualities. It also plays perfectly with barrier-fortifying Linoleic Acid, which plumps and hydrates skin weightlessly. With a feather-light feel, it keeps in moisture while blocking out pollution. Plus, when applied to the skin’s surface, Linoleic Acid is known to reduce the occurrence of breakouts. Together, these blemish-banishing acids are here to strengthen your skin, not strip it of its power. 

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