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Wyoming National Park

Re-Wilding - On Earth Day and Everyday

Kendra Kolb Butler

When Alpyn Beauty was just a seed of an idea, I knew I wanted sustainability to be at its core. Fast forward 3 years and thanks to your support, we’re doing that and so much more. From donating a piece of every purchase to help heal our planet to recycling your empty beauty packaging through our partnership with PACT, let’s continue to champion our beautiful earth, together.

xx Kendra Kolb Butler


Re-Wilding With the Grand Teton National Park Foundation 

Grand Teton National Park

We partnered with our local Grand Teton National Park Foundation as a sponsor of the Wild Treasures campaign.

Here in Wyoming, re-wilding means removing invasive grasses and restoring the native sagebrush habitat. In part due to our contribution, over 900 acres of native grassland, upon which Grand Teton wildlife depends on, have been restored.

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You Can Help Too!

It’s not only Earth Day this Friday, it's also National Park Week! Every Alpyn Beauty purchase you make supports the Grand Teton National Park Foundation. Show your support by purchasing the only brand to hand-harvest wild plants from Jackson Hole, Wyoming and infuse them into skin care products.

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Alpyn Beauty - Giving Back

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