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Celebrate Mother Earth

Celebrate Mother Earth

She’s the mother of all mothers. The most selfless of all. Yet so often, we take advantage of all she offers.  This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate Mother Earth and show her how much we respect all that she provides.  Here are four easy ways you can give back to the earth and make mother proud.



One of the biggest hurdles in the beauty industry is how difficult it can be to recycle the packaging. While some of your beauty componentry can be recycled (think certain plastic and glass), the rules of recycling vary greatly depending on where you live, which can make recycling (beyond just beauty) a challenge. In some cases, you’re required to deconstruct your packaging and recycle only certain parts—this extra obstacle is often a recycling deterrent. When in doubt, call your local municipality to find out what is and isn’t recyclable, or find a way to repurpose your packaging. Skincare jars make excellent storage containers for smaller items like jewelry, paper clips and loose change. Reuse haircare bottles for travel and turn serum bottles into bud vases. You can also take advantage of our partnership with PACT, a nonprofit collective helping consumers recycle hard-to-recycle beauty packaging. It’s as easy as joining our mail back program, where you buy a return label for $5 and receive a $10 Alpyn code to offset the cost.



Opportunity is all around us, especially outside. From beach sweeps to neighborhood beautification programs, you can contact your local parks and recreation department to see what volunteer opportunities are available. You can even start your own mission—rally a few friends for a Saturday community clean up. If you’re too busy to volunteer (things happen), you can rest easy knowing that you’re probably already contributing: Every time you make an Alpyn Beauty purchase, you’re helping rewild our National Parks. A portion of every sale goes directly to the Grand Teton National Park Foundation’s rewilding efforts. Their goal is to replace acres upon acres of invasive, cattle-grazing grass with native sage bush, which is vital for the diversity and abundance of the local wildlife, like moose, bison and elk. So far, our contribution has helped restore over 1300 acres. The results of this accomplishment are already being recognized: the local wildlife no longer pass through this stretch of the park, but rather use it as a place to graze, sleep, eat and play.



It’s not always easy (or affordable) to make major changes to your home—new windows and a clean air system may not be in the budget. But even the littlest step can make a major difference. Consider changing fluorescent lights to LED bulbs, swap plastic storage containers for glass, and replace chemical-based cleaning supplies with more natural and sustainable options. Swapping your makeup, skin and hair care to a clean, sustainable brand also counts.



Take a break from your laptop and smartphone and step outside. Take in all that Mother Earth has to offer.  Go for a bike ride, take a walk, plant some flowers—the birds and the bees will thank you.   


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