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Let’s Make an im-PACT

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Pact Collective (a non-profit collective taking responsibility for beauty industry packaging) to help make a significant impact on hard-to-recycling components. Pact works outside the boundaries of local recycling programs with the goal of recycling even the smallest hard-to-recycle packaging. Currently, most beauty packaging that cannot be recycled is burned or landfilled. Pact’s new program helps divert unwanted packaging from the landfill.

We invite our US and Canadian customers to join the Mail Back Collective Program and help us achieve one united goal: no more packaging sent to landfills or making its way into the ocean.

pact collective

If these packages are hard-to-recycle, how does Pact do it?

Pact has guidelines about what we can and cannot take back. Hard-to-recycle packages that they take back are sorted carefully. Small items and flexible items can be caught in the Pact sorting system where the majority of Material Recovery Facilities cannot. They also break apart multi-material items, like pumps, which usually have metal springs and different types of plastic.

How do you know the packaging is actually recycled?

Pact has established a transparent auditing system, so they have a high level of visibility into the recycling partners’ operations. They know the makeup of each Pact bin – how much plastic and what kind of plastic, how much glass, etc. – that is being sent to them. When they reach quantities needed to sell the material they find end-buyers for the materials.

How do I get started?

You can return hard-to-recycle Alpyn Beauty items (such as caps and pumps) via a local Pact collection bin. (All Credo locations now collect for Pact Recycling.) If there are no collection locations nearby, you can participate in the Pact mail-back program instead, by mailing a minimum of 5 product components, from any participating brands, back to Pact.

Use this link to visit Pact and locate a collection bin or purchase a return label

Pact charges $5 per mail-back return to help cover expenses, but they'll send you a $10 Alpyn Beauty code after you purchase a mail-back label! Any questions? Contact us for more information. 

 pact recycling

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