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Outdoor Afro + Alpyn Beauty

Join Us In Supporting Outdoor Afro

Outdoor Afro + Alpyn Beauty

We are all connected. 

It’s a concept that we have considered time and time again as Alpyn continues to evolve and develop. Yes, our team members can be counted on one hand–still, like the Wood Wide Web, even as a “small tree” in a vast landscape, we want to help support a larger network. Our founder Kendra Kolb Butler was thrilled to meet fellow female creator Rue Mapp, founder of Outdoor Afro, to help turn dreams into actions. 

Outdoor Afro

Thanks to Rue’s vision, Outdoor Afro has become the nation’s foremost not-for-profit network that celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature. Helping people take better care of themselves, their communities, and the planet, the team has grown to nearly 80 leaders in 30 states from around the country, connecting thousands to outdoor experiences. They truly guide the way for inclusion in outdoor recreation and changing the face of conservation.

"Understanding Mother Nature within the meadows, fields, and forests surrounding Jackson Hole has been essential to our entire business," says Kendra. "From discovering renewable ingredient sources to understanding the impact of our everyday activities on the planet, we continue to learn new ways of appreciating and protecting our natural surroundings. We are so excited to be supporting Rue and the Outdoor Afro team to share these experiences, expand our community, and help champion the next generation of environmental caretakers."

Today, Alpyn Beauty donates 100% of profits to Outdoor Afro.

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