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huckleberries in forest

A Lesson from The “Wood-Wide Web”

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There are moments in life that serve as reminders of a simple truth: We are all connected. During uncertain times, the ability to lean on surrounding support systems becomes a source of comfort. It’s something that, unsurprisingly, we could learn best from nature. 

On International Day of Forests this Saturday, March 21st, the concept of the “wood-wide web” feels more relevant than ever. It’s a term that’s been coined by scientists and biologists studying the underground systems of roots and fungi which ultimately create a family tree of connections across the planet. In short, all forests “hold hands” under the earth. Communicating through a subterranean internet, trees are able to feed those in need from miles away and grow stronger together.  

According to Suzanne Simard, who’s been studying the phenomenon for decades, while it may not be immediately visible, it creates palpable energy. “When I walk into a forest, I feel the spirit of the whole thing, everything working together in harmony,” she tells Smithsonian Magazine’s Richard Grant. “It doesn’t make evolutionary sense for trees to behave like resource-grabbing individualists,” Simard explains, noting that instead, a “healthy stable forest” benefits most when everyone thrives. “That’s why they’ve evolved to help their neighbors.” 

For our own Alpyn community, we recognize the forests that we so deeply depend on offer the clearest lens on how our own success is tied directly to that of our friends, family, and natural resources. We are constantly reminded that truly, #WeAreAllConnected.

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