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Alpha female in Wyoming

International Women’s Day: Alpyn’s Alpha Females

We’re female-led. 

We’re female-founded.

And on this International Women’s Day, we’re inspired by the story behind photographer Daniel Bradford’s rare snap of female Alpha wolves in the wild.  

“These images show that Alpha female of wolf packs tend to be the ones that determine pack movements more so than any other member of the pack,” says Bradford.

“You can see the female (with the white fur) in the lead of her pack with the alpha male directly behind.” 

Female Alpha Wolf
female wolf

QVC Celebrates Alpyn Beauty & International Women’s Day LIVE, Tonight

Today, QVC is celebrating their female entrepreneurs including our founder, Kendra Kolb Butler. Tune in tonight for exclusive QVC savings on our Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Peel.


Alpyn on QVC

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