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An Earth Day-Inspired Nod to Ecotherapy

An Earth Day-Inspired Nod to Ecotherapy


There’s a “sanity walk” movement circulating right now that’s surprisingly accurate. Spending so much time within confined spaces has inspired people to take proper precautions and escape their homes for a few hours, many noting personal mental health benefits from these simple, solitary outdoor strolls. And to their credit, there’s legitimate science to back the idea. 

Studies have found that spending two hours in nature each week can boost both your wellbeing and your health. It’s been touted for decades in Japan as “forest bathing,” which is essentially absorbing natural scenery and its inherent healing powers, no movement required. The University of Essex even found that volunteering with wildlife conservation projects enhanced participants’ sense of positivity and health. These “ecotherapy” techniques all share a common thread: Recognizing the beauty and value of mother earth. For this year’s Earth Day, what could be a more appropriate way to celebrate? 

1% For The Planet

At Alpyn, we’re practicing the concept in our personal Jackson Hole-appreciation rituals as well as our core values within our community. The latter can be celebrated from the safety of your home. Teaming up with 1% For The Planet means that for every purchase, 1% of sales go directly back into Grand Teton National Park, one of the last remaining pristine landscapes in our country. By contributing to the Wild Treasures campaign, we prioritize support for wildlife and natural resources in order to maintain the park’s otherwordly beauty that feeds our planet–and our prosperity. 

Today and every day, shout out to the great outdoors.

*Stay tuned for more virtual tours of the Wyoming scenery you’re helping us sustain.*


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