What’s the Deal With Wildcrafting?

Kendra Kolb Butler Wildcrafting

Alpyn’s F-Words: Forage  

For·age [fawr-ij]: verb.

To seek out and harvest plants from their natural, or “wild” habitat (aka wildcrafting), primarily for food or medicinal purposes.

Alpyn’s ingredients like Arnica and Chamomile have been ethically foraged to capture the natural powers of rich soil, fungi, and bacteria necessary for more potent actives. It’s sustainable–for real sustainable. 

Why? Because foraging and wildcrafting leaves each plant in a state where it’s able to continue thriving and growing season after season. This translates as only harvesting the necessary flora (another great F-word)–think fruit, flowers, and branches–while respecting the health and structure of the “mother” plants. This way they can grow back, stronger than ever. 

More on that to come… 

Fun F-Word Fact: When animals graze, they leave plants in this condition–it’s part of a natural instinct to respect the ecosystem they call home.