The After-Hours Powers Behind Our Calming Midnight Mask with Melatonin & Wild Dandelion

Inside Alpyn: Calming Midnight MaskWelcome back to #InsideAlpyn, where we break down what’s powering the products that, as a young brand with about a year in the game, are already being deemed cult classics. For our second installment, the spotlight falls upon our Calming Midnight Mask with Melatonin & Wild Dandelion. This high-performance formula has already sold out twice: Two days after it debuted here in November, and again after launching on this year. Today, we’ll explain the blend of research-backed and plant-based ingredients that make it so powerful. 

Calming Midnight Mask

In addition to the Bakuchiol our line incorporates as a gentler alternative to retinol (more on that here), we’ve combined a potent one-two punch of Damage Defense and Wild Plants. Damage Defense arrives in the form of research-backed antioxidants Melatonin and Squalane, both naturally occurring in your body with levels that require replenishment as we age.

Wild Plants like Vitamin C-packed Wild Dandelion Leaf and healing Calendula are inflammation-soothing wonders that we harvest ethically in the mountains of Jackson Hole. When applied before bed, your skin is fed a nourishing nighttime recipe with the support it needs to reboot while you sleep.

BONUS: If you’re as mesmerized by K-beauty’s quest for “Glass Skin” as we are (think luminous, poreless, dewy, crystalline), you’ll love the immediate effect upon application.   

Below, a two-minute breakdown of our Calming Midnight Mask’s star players: 

Damage Defense & Wild Plants


So what is Melatonin, really? “Internally, it’s the hormone your body releases as the sun goes down to make you tired. While people take it orally as a supplement to help them fall asleep, it can also be used topically as a powerful antioxidant,” writes Erin Reimel in her “Timing Is Everything” article for Shape’s March issue (featuring the Midnight Mask!) where dermatologist Anna Guanche M.D. shares that your skin has melatonin receptors that are active at nighttime. “These receptors are bound by the hormone melatonin and are stimulated by topical melatonin,” Reimel notes. “So applying the ingredient before bed will ensure that your skin gets the maximum antioxidant benefits.”  

Squalane is similarly found naturally in your body– well, at least, squalene is. Squalane (with an A) represents the shelf-stable skincare version created by scientists from plant-based ingredients to safely deliver its super-hydrating results. Stocked with barrier-protecting fatty acids and antioxidants that fight carcinogens, it’s worth adding to your routine. Why? After the age of 30, your body’s ability to produce this lipid-rich, moisturizing emollient rapidly declines. 


Full of hydrating minerals like potassium and magnesium, Wild Dandelion Leaf is packed with Vitamin C to help fight age-accelerating free radicals. And while it’s one of our wild-harvested wonders, multiple scientific studies back its benefits. For example, the extract from leaves can help reduce inflammation and irritation, not to mention enhance protection against damage from sunlight. It’s even useful for preventing and treating acne. And on top of all of these skills, it encourages collagen production while boosting hydration. 

Similarly, Calendula (derived from marigolds) is a flowering friend to acneic and sensitive skin. Aside from natural antioxidant powers, it heals, soothes and calms irritation caused by conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. The flavonoids in Calendula offer an antiseptic element that inhibits the growth of bacteria that leads to acne, while anti-microbial properties help chill out and even prevent breakouts. Plus, it’s even been shown to speed up wound healing, an essential part of the skin’s after-hours repair process.

Here’s to a skin-friendly excuse to catch those extra zzz’s. 

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Calming Midnight Mask