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Skin Care Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist Janice Kinjo

Skin Care Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist Janice Kinjo

Janice Kinjo

During the summer of 2020, we’ve learned the beauty of multitasking in every form. For celebrity makeup artist Janice Kinjo, maximizing the products in her kit is just one secret to maintaining a supernatural glow on clients The Mindy Project’s Mindy Kaling (who wore Alpyn Beauty to the Oscars!), Orange Is The New Black’s Uzo Aduba, and Birds of Prey star Ella Jay Basco. The boundaries between skincare and cosmetics continue to blur as heavy, contoured coverage is increasingly swapped out for fresh, dewy complexions that celebrate real skin, not just tutorial-level makeup techniques.  

“Alpyn is different from other clean lines because it’s sustainable and wildcrafted,” says Kinjo of her attraction to the brand. “The environmental footprint for creating the products is incredibly small.” It’s a forward-looking benefit that makeup artists are paying even more attention to as clients continue to expect and request ethical products for their skin prep. “I also use it for men’s grooming, too,” she points out, underscoring the genderless appeal of Alpyn’s wild actives when searching for conscious kit staples that work on every skin tone.  

Makeup Artist Janice Kinjo

Here, Kinjo walks us through her favorite ways to maximize your personal makeup routine with Alpyn’s skincare bestsellers that do double duty. Think short-term performance with long-term results:  


DIY Skin Tint

Melt Moisturizer

For anyone hoping to sheer out their foundation for a more natural, summer-friendly application, Kinjo suggests grabbing Alpyn’s Melt Moisturizer: “You can add a small pump of your foundation to create your own tinted moisturizer.” You can even mix in your favorite mineral SPF for tailored sun protection. 

Shadow Locking

Eye Balm

“Using the PlantGenius® Eye Balm as an eyeshadow base is great because it helps to keep shadow in place,” Kinjo explains. It also swaps out harmful chemicals that can be found in traditional shadow primers for skin-friendly botanicals like Bakuchiol. “I also love to use the eye cream on other parts of my face, like the fine lines on my forehead and laugh lines around my mouth,” she admits of the formula that’s safe for even the most delicate skin. 

Liner Notes

Alpyn Melt

Sometimes, drippy, oily makeup removers make more of a mess than a solution when you’re trying to ace a winged liner moment. “Melt Moisturizer is great not only as a hydrating step, but can also refine your eyeliner using an eyeliner brush,” says Kinjo. Smoothing out the edges of a feline flick has never been easier. 

Living Luminizer

Alpyn Serum

“I love applying the Survival Serum after makeup on top of the cheekbones,” Kinjo shares. “It adds the perfect amount of luminescence for the healthy, glowy skin look.” Finely crushed mica adds a natural, pearlescent glow without any artificial shimmer. Still, the future potential is just as valuable as the immediate gleam. “The serum helps to improve the appearance and quality of the skin,” she notes. “My favorite ingredient is the calendula with anti-inflammatory properties.”

Shop Janice Kinjo’s multitasking complexion picks.
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