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Women in Wyoming

Lindsay Linton Buk

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In the spirit of International Women's Day, and as a tribute to our roots in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we're crushing on Lindsay Linton Buk. Talented photographer and visual storyteller, Lindsay's project, Women in Wyoming seeks to connect and empower females by sharing the stories of inspirational women across our state.

We caught up with Lindsay to learn more about the project...


Alpyn: What is Women in Wyoming?  

Lindsay: Women in Wyoming is an art and media collective highlighting the strength, power and learned wisdom of contemporary Wyoming women and girls. Three years in the making, I have captured their stories through portrait photography and audio interviews, creating a powerful collective of contemporary female role models -- from artists to politicians, ranchers, authors, business-women and community stewards. Through my work, I am dedicated to pioneering a platform to promote the integrity, diversity and profound legacy of Wyoming women.


Alpyn: Why Women? What do you hope to convey through your work?

Lindsay: It’s powerful to see your peers out in the world doing amazing things. When I was growing up, it was rare to see women in the media celebrated for their ambition and achievements. The tide is turning, and I find it so inspiring to see several platforms now dedicated to promoting women’s power (Makers Women, The Female Lead and so many more). As a storyteller, I feel a responsibility to promote female strength in a positive light and love being able to add a voice from the rural West to the global conversation.


Alpyn: Why now?

Lindsay: In 1869, Wyoming became the first known territory in the free world to recognize women’s right to vote and hold office. In the years that followed, Wyoming also gave the country its first female jurors, bailiff, justice of the peace and governor. 2019 has been declared “The Year of Wyoming Women” by the state to celebrate this historic anniversary.

I am proud to be a significant contributor to the 150th anniversary celebration. This project is also important because in a state as rural as Wyoming, we’re often isolated. Women in Wyoming is important now and in the future because it gives women strong examples to look up to and show the many pathways to success in the rural West today.


You can follow the project through the Women in Wyoming website, listen to the podcast, follow @womeninwyo on Instagram and keep an eye out for her upcoming exhibit at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, Wyoming.

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