Why we wildcraft

Wildcrafting is the practice of harvesting plants from their natural, or wild, habitat. When done sustainably and with respect, only the fruit, flowers or branches are carefully removed, and the living plant is left healthy and intact.

Our Story

Our Process

Wildcrafted plants are special. Adapting to the elements on their own, over thousands of years and without any help from farmers, they have had to fight hard to survive. This creates a heartier, resilient plant - and yields ingredients naturally packed with the most potent plant power. Here, near Jackson Hole where we are based, the plants and botanicals we harvest by hand each season - from white willow, chamomile and huckleberry to uva ursi and arnica - flourish in high altitude, low humidity, intense sun, harsh wind, and heavy snowfall. These plants are superstars - just imagine what that means for your skin!

From Forest to Face

All Alpyn Beauty products contain our signature PlantGenius™ complex: a proprietary blend of wildcrafted arnica and chamomile, hand-cultivated borage, calendula, and sage. These ingredients are harvested with care here in Wyoming, and chosen for their exceptional skin benefits. Grown at elevation, our alpine extracts and actives naturally supercharge each high-performance, clean and green Alpyn product with the most potent plant power.

100% Recyclable, No Animal Testing,Vegan.