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What's a Bounce Cream?

What is a Bounce Cream?

Triple Vitamin-C Bounce Cream

A Bounce Cream is a moisturizer with a trampoline-like texture and over 50% organic aloe to lock-in hydration and boost elasticity. Example 1: Our all-new Triple Vitamin-C Brightening Bounce Cream.

Alpyn Bounce Cream

What Does it Do?

A next level hydrating cream that springs into action with 3 clinically proven forms of vitamin C and the polyphenol power of wild chokecherry to help brighten tone, smooth lines and boost elasticity.

Ingredient Highlights: Where Wildcrafted Meets Clinical

Alpyn Beauty Vitamin C Bounce Cream Ingredients
Triple C Complex: Three clinically proven forms of vitamin C to brighten and boost elasticity.
Wild Chokecherry: A powerful, polyphenol-packed antioxidant that’s naturally rich in vitamin C and caffeic acid.
Organic Aloe: One of nature’s most powerful humectants, it binds moisture to the skin for deep and lasting hydration. Max out on moisture. Double your dewiness. Bolster your barrier. Decadent, next level brightening and hydration in a light-as-air, aloe-rich cream - with bounce.

What's the Difference Between Triple Vitamin-C Brightening Bounce Cream and PlantGenius® Melt Moisturizer?

Alpyn Beauty moisturizer comparison chart featuring PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer and Triple Vitamin-C Brightening Bounce Cream

Can I Use Both?

Yup! If you're seeking deep hydration, and also targeting dark spots and the signs of aging, lightly apply Triple Vitamin-C Bounce Cream over our PlantGenius® Melt Moisturizer. Another powerful option is to use Melt in morning (as it goes on matte so is perfect under makeup), and apply Bounce in the evening before bed to seal in moisture.

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